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Dude Gets Smashed Across The Head With A Skateboard

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So Was His Plan To Push His Face Into Burning Candles?

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An Armed Home Intruder Is Met With Resistance

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Dude Is Heated Cause His Girl Messed Up His Plans

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Girl Gets Ninja Kicked To The Face

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This Truck Driver Puts On A Breathtaking Performance

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Buddy Here Was Extra Heated

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What The H*ll Happened To This Horse? Wait For It…

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Dude Snorts A Very Long Line Of Coke And Then Flips Out

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This Chick Went Out Commando On This Day

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From Tide Pods To Now AirPods

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This Geese Picture Taking Didn’t Go As Planned

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Dude Brawls With His Pregnant Girlfriend

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Where They Fighting Over Food Samples At Costco?

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A Security Guard Gets Jumped By Three McDonald’s Customers

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When Gentrification Comes To A Hood Near You

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How About Next Time You Take Your Socks Off

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A Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames In A Parking Garage

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A Woman Goes Off On A Racist Rant And Then Exposes Her Ass

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They Wildin In The Streets Of Mississippi

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Watch What Happens At The End…

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He Must Of Collected 100 Cigarette Seals To Win That Outfit

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Dudes Get Popped Off For Illegal Dumping In The Tennessee Woods

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Some Days You Just Have It Easy

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A Battle Royal Popped Off In This Florida Restaurant

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Damn, Someone Come Get Your Bad Kids!

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Buddy Gets The Soul Slapped Out Of Him

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Sh*t Got Real Heated At This Western Union In Dallas

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How The Heck Did They Jump Over 3 Cars?

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Father Confronts Thief That Stole His Son’s IPhone

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A Gang Banger Is Told To Burn His Flag By Some Rivals

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All This Cause He Wouldn’t Let Her See His Phone

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Main Girl Pulls Up On Side Chick And Then Starts Throwing Hands

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Dudes Had People Shook At This Apple Store With Their Skit

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Big Ups To His Homie For Having His Back

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Dude Wearing Sandals Beats Down On His Opp

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A Manager And Co-Worker’s Family Member Brawl At A Bojangles Restaurant In South Carolina

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A Man Calls A Group People “Niggas” And Then Pays The Ultimate Price

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Damn, I Wonder What He Did?

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Now That Looks Like A Concussion

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Play Stupid Games Win Stupid Prizes

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Easter Bunny Is A Ride Or Die Homey

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