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Just An Ordinary Day In Rochester NY

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Weird AF: She Is Eating Toilet Paper And Sniffing Soap

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Prisoner Charged With Murder For Killing His Gay Cellmate

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When You Learn How To Bartend On YouTube

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Do You Think That This Is Her Real Skin Color?

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Only In Chicago Will You See Some Sh*t Like This

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Living In Fear: Neighbors In This Northeast D.C. Community Say They Are Worried About Getting Shot Inside Their Own Homes Because Of These Shootouts That Occur On A Regular Basis

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Dude Gets Caught With His Pants Down Talking To Another Girl On The Phone

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She Beat The Brakes Off His Ass

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Crazy Road Rage Caught On Cam

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“Ladies And Gentlemen, May I Have Your Attention Please”

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This Girl Snorts Some Hot Sauce

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Man Overboard In Punta Cana

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Check Out The Muscle Definition On This Person’s Legs

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More Madness During Spring Break Down In South Beach

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A Drunk Dude Takes On A Whole Crew And Knocks A Few Of Them Out (Warning: Volume)

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A Woman With An Enormous Booty Teases A Man That Has Come To See Her Roommate

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A Bully Gets Handled

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An Earlier Video That Was Posted Showed A Female Smear Her Friend’s Blood On A Cop. This Is The Video That Shows How Her Friend Got Knocked Out

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Now Kids, This Here Is An Example Of Why We Don’t Play With Fire

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A Drunk, Racist Man Gets Confronted And Then Punched

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A Disgruntled Man Tries Kicking His Way Inside His Girl’s Apartment

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This Must Be His Way Of Getting One’s Attention

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Tiger Woods Definitely Found That Shirt To Be Funny

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A Woman Got Punched In The Mouth By A Man At A Grocery Store While All Her Friends Look On In Shock

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She Was Denied A Job Because Of Quote “Suggestive Ghetto Name”

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It Was On This Very Day When Dude Realized How Dumb His Girl Really Is

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Southside Chicago: Dude Out Here Talking Wreckless To The Cops

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Dude Got Slapped Senseless!

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Ingenuity At It’s Finest!

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Americans On St. Patrick’s Day Be Like…

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She Took “F*ck 12” To Another Level

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A Police Sergeant Is Dragged By A Four-Wheeler In Downtown Nashville

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This Dude Really Wanted To Get Some Attention On St. Patrick’s Day, But It Turned South Quickly!

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Wiping Your Friend’s Blood On A Cop Is Not A Smart Decision

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Baghdad Bust Down?

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Crazy Mayhem Breaks Out In The After Hours Of Houston

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Two Dudes Brawl Outside The Deep Ellum In Dallas

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Is He Dead?

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When The Booty Is Too Much For You To Handle

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A Landlord Evicts A Whole Family Out In The Middle Of The Afternoon

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This Chick Got Baptized On St. Patrick’s Day

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