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A Former Disgruntled Wingstop Employee Went Nuts Inside The Restaurant

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“Legend Of The Falling”

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“Fast Food Karen” Loses Her Patience At A Drive-Thru And Shouts Out A Racial Slur

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Some People Will Do Anything For IG Clout

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Antioch, CA: Dude Loses His Cool And Smashes A Man With His Car Over An Apparent Bag Of Stolen Weed

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Drunk Chicks And Stairs Always Provide For Some Good Entertainment

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Dude Finesses The Drive-Thru At This Popeyes

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No F*cks Given: Thieves Casually Steal Liquor In Front Of Workers

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Absolute Madness At This Gas Station In Atlanta

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Imagine Being In The Hot-tub With Her

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This Is One Brave Deer

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WTF…Wait For It!

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Crazy Ass Prank Had Everyone Goin In The Streets Of NYC

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Meanwhile Down At This Popeyes In Baltimore…

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Texas Man Yelled Racial Slurs At A Woman During A Road Rage Incident

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Cop Drags A Resisting Woman Like A Wild Animal In Montana

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The Most Bizarre Gender Reveal To Date!

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Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches Got People Celebrating Like…

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Good Samaritans Help Rescue A Dog That Ran Loose On The Houston Highway After It’s Owner Got Into An Accident

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The Stress Is Catching Up To The Employees Of Popeyes

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Lol…This White Cat Ain’t Playin Around

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Sus Much?

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Poor Escort Girl Got Catfished

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Man Tased After Fighting With Cops Inside A Target Store In Manhattan Beach CA

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Two Dudes Engage In A Backyard Brawl

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IG Model Kat, Shows Us What That Azz Do

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Two Women Scrap In A Parking Lot At The Sam’s Club Down In Montgomery Alabama

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Buddy Here Is In Full Beast Mode!

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Da Fuq Is She Saying?

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It’s A Ratchet Rumble Down In Saint Petersburg FL

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Cat Saves A Baby From Falling Down Some Stairs

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She Lookin Extra Thick In Them PJs

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Texas High School Student Suffered A Brain Injury After A Substitute Teacher Stomped On Her Head

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This Mouse Just Trying To Get Inside To Get A Bite Of That Apple

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Video Shows Drake Cutting His Performance Short After The Crowd Booed Him At The Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival In L.A.

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This Lemur Is A Bit Frisky

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Police Rescue A Hawk Trapped In Some Netting In A Baseball Field In Massachusetts

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You Would Have Expected This To Go Down In A Popeyes

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It’s People Like This That Give Gun Owners A Bad Name

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Woman Takes An L When She Tried To Run Up On Her Opp

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A Female Worker Demanded That A Customer Pulled Down His Hoodie While In The Store

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Woman Shows Off Her Curves In Some Flesh Colored Leggings

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