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A Woman Tries To Escape The Repo Man But Pays The Ultimate Price

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A Glen Hills Middle School Teacher Has Been Placed On Administrative Leave Following An Altercation With A Student

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Buddy In The Background Is About To Risk It All

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Flood Rescue On Linfield & Illinois Streets In Dallas, TX

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An Attempted Arm Robbery Of A Cellular Store Quickly Turns South

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Ouch! A Direct Hit To The Vagina

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WTF? A Man Intentionally Throws Up On A Woman And Then Hits Her Across The Head With A Bottle

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All Kinds Of Weapons Used In Hood Brawl

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A Homeowner Confronts Some Teens That Got Caught Having Sex In Her Shed

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Two Females Scrap At The Rainbow City Store Parking Lot In Boynton Beach, Florida

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What Did She Expect The Outcome To Be?

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Villagers Help Release A Constricted Cat From A Python

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What In The Trailer Park Is Going On Here?

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Deontay Wilder Knocks Out His Opponent Breazeale In The First Round

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They Brawling Down In Louisiana

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His Parents Probably Wondering How The F*ck Did He Graduate

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Dude Attacks A Man Over $10 Owed And Makes Him Crawl His Way Out The Door

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets A Surprise Drop Kick To The Back My Some Angry Person

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A Chaotic Scene In A Mississippi Neighborhood As A Huge Girl Brawl Erupted

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A Little Boy Is Seen Driving A Golf Cart, Smashing It Right Into A Parked Car, And Then Takes Off Running

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Some Females Scrap In The Streets Of Milwaukee

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Firefighters Reacue A Cat That Had It’s Head Stuck Underneath A Door

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It Got Real Heated Up In This McDonald’s

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“Hey Fam What’s The Word In The Streets?”

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This Woman Took The Phrase “Drive Thru” Way To Seriously

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Bad Breath Prank

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Lil Bruh Lost In A Game Of Fortnite And Had To Remind Himself That He Is Still The Best

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These Old Timers Have A Serious Case Of Road Rage

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Dudes Fight Over A Beer At The Paris Hotel In Vegas

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Some Massive Booty Women Jump Off A Boat Together

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What Started Off As A One On One Fight Quickly Turned Into A Huge Brawl

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This Latina Lost Some Kind Of Bet And Then Began To Do This…

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This Some Real Life GTA Type Sh*t

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What Y’all Think: Real Or Fake?

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Two Filipino Girls Brawl In The Streets

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This Girl Trying Hard To Give Herself A Concussion

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This Granny Takes A Shot Of Liquid Viagra

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A Couple Work Together To Steal A Headlight Off A Porche SUV

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A Big Girl Runs Hands On A Smaller Opp

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WTF Is He Wearing?

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A Grown Woman Gets Stuck In A Toddler Swing

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Two Studs Viciously Brawl

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