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Like A Scene Out Of The Show “The Walking Dead”…

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The Little “Bagel Boss” Man Is Back At It But This Time Get’s Into A Physical Altercation

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Girl Pulls Up To A Guy’s Crib That Has Been Catfishing Her

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“Nevermind The Stairmaster, I’m Climbing The Beam”

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Animal Activists Protest At A Chick-Fail-A Restaurant

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A Crazed Man Attacked A Police Officer With A Machete In East London

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A Wild Brawl Popped Off At The Isleta Casino & Resort In New Mexico

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There Is Never A Dull Moment At Walmart

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Citizens Come Together To Take Down A Knife-Wielding Crazed Man In Sydney Australia

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Meet This Thick Mami Named Tati

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She Wasn’t Stopping Till Her GPS Told Her You’ve Reached Your Destination

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Now Here’s Something You Won’t See Very Often

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Driver Takes A Brick To His Car

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Homeboy Is Too Turnt Up

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What Do You Think Is Going On With The Screaming Woman In The Background?

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Video Shows Tenants In A Brooklyn Apartment Complex Trying To Clean Out A Flood

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Locals Rescue A Sloth In Danger

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An Irate Dad Speaks Out Against A Skimpy Dressed Drag Queen Reading To The Children In A Community Center

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Two Nerds Get Into A Heated Road Rage

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What’s Going Down In Here?

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This Woman Really Wanted That Bouquet

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Dude Hiding From Cops In A Dumpster Gets Caught And Then Makes A Run For It

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High Diving Belly Flops: Would You Try This?

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A Security Guard Tases A Hostile Woman In Front Of Her Kids

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When Your Girlfriend Is Very Thotful

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How Did He Do That?

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Wild AF: An 8yr Old Kid Is Seen Driving A Car On The Highway

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Madness In Santo Domingo

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She Was Determined To Take Out Everyone In Her Path

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50 Cent Denies Entry To Wendy Williams At A Party He Was Throwing

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She Needs A Trophy

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Woman Gets To Experience Riding In A Race Car

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The Future Of Ice Cream Vending Is Here

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A Chaotic Scene Broke Out At The Waffle House In Breaux Bridge Louisiana

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Owner Fights Back

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Girl Shows Off Excellent Control

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It Was About To Go Down

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Four Bundles Of Joy

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Oh He’s Dead Dead

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Fight outside the Royalty Lounge

Large Brawl Popped Off Outside The Royalty Lounge In Shreveport Louisiana

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Burger King Taking Flame Broiling To A Whole New Level

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