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Michael Myers Killed It, Literally!

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Crazed Woman Demands To See A White Doctor Only

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Dude Fails Badly With The Gender Reveal Attempt

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She Thicker Than A Snicker

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How Does She Mess Up Parking Her Car In A Driveway That Large

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This Cat Just Discovered Something Phenomenal

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Was The Male Student Wrong For His Actions?

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Good Thing This Man Was Around

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Woman Nearly Gets The Top Of Her Head Sliced Off

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Couple Recording A Police Chase Become Part Of The Action

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Woman Tried To Confiscate A Skateboard But Suffered An Embarrassing Moment At The End

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He Had To Been Drunk Or High

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Mother And Daughter Try To Finesse A Tow Truck Driver Down In Miami

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This Bartender Has An Unusual Way Of Serving Up Drinks

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DJ Kid Is Being Accused Of Intentionally Giving Over 600 Black Women HIV

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A Pitbull Shows Us It’s Incredible Climbing Skills

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Customer Service At It’s Finest!

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Loss Prevention Dude Taking His Job Way To Seriously Over At This WinCo Store In Brentwood California

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This Guy’s Field Awareness Is -99

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Wendy Shows Off Her Massive Camel Toe

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A School Bus Driver In Mesa Arizona Has Been Arrested After Video Surfaced Showing Him Slamming On The Brakes Causing A Young Passenger To Slam Into The Windshield

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Charlie Wanted All The Smoke

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Never Try To Challenge A Judge’s Authority

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A Package Thief Gets Caught By The Homeowner

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This Guy Is From Another Planet

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What Do You Think She Is Doing On Her Phone While Making Out With Ol Boy?

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She Wrong For That: Mother Pranks Her Kids

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Bet He Won’t Bother Him Anymore

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Poor Kid Will Be Traumatized Of Clowns For Life

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How Could They Not Catch This Guy?

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Girl Embarrasses A Boy In Arm Wrestling

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Hope That’s Not His Sister

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What Was That All About?

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The Look On Her Face Tho

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Video Shows A Carjacking Unfold In Miami

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Dude Scares The Crap Out Of His Girl

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Curvy Chick Twerks To Some Violin Music

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A Quick Thinking Man Rescues A Father Being Electrocuted

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Dude Puts A Cop On Blast At A Courthouse

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Stephen A. Clowns Cowboys Fans After That Embarrassing Loss

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Chilling Video Shows A Leopard Stalk And Attack A Sleeping Dog

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Someone Buy That Man A Beer

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