Officer Involved Shooting Of A Wanted Fugitive

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The Ending Will Have You Saying WTF??? ?

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Kyrie Irving Apologizes For Saying The World Is Flat

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Dope: Dude Impresses With His Magic Tricks

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Getting Shot At Prank

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Iowa: They Were Pulled Over For No Apparent Reason

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“Yeah You May Want To Move Before You Get Slapped”

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Chaos Breaks Out At Global Citizen Festival In Central Park In NYC As Concertgoers Fear Sounds Of Gunfire

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So Many Questions To Ask… ?

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Watch Till The Very End ?

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Why Couldn’t She Just Pass The Bottle Around? ?

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Kevin Hart Getting Turned Up! ?

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No F*cks Given: Girl Swings Door Open On A Cyclist

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Stockton, CA: Police In Pusuit Of A Runaway Bull

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Wild Brawl Breaks Out At A College Apartment Housing Complex

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How The H*ll Did This Happen? ?

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Luck To Be Alive: Motorcyclist Slams Into Truck ?

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Nice With It: Girl Shows Off Her Kicking Skills

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Girl Bully’s & Hits A Boy With Autism

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US Navy Water Rescue Mission

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A Couple Of Ratchets Fighting

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Someone Feed This Guy: Anorexic Dude Dancing

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A Bizarre Way To Eat: Diners Catch Their Noodles From A Flowing Water Trough In Japan

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*SNL Skit* Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Matt Damon) takes questions from Senator Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch) and more during his nomination hearing.

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A Brave Rescue Attempt Of A Suicidal Woman

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Would-Be Burglar Captured On Car Cam

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Fight Breaks Out At A Bar

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Close Up View Of A Massive Great White Shark

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If You Think Commuting In Your City Is Bad, Check This Out ?

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Quick Thinking: Woman’s Bold Attempt Sets Her Finally Free

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There Facial Expressions Tho… ??

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Hold up: A Dancing Tractor? ?

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Attack Of The Killer Fan ?

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What Is This Cop Doing? ?

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I’ve Seen It All ? ?

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Slapped The Soul Out Of Him ?

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This Guy Is Dancing With Death ?

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Can Someone Explain This? ?

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He Couldn’t Wait For His Turn

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iPhone Drop Test: Would You Drop Test Your Phone After Watching This?

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Rather Impressive!

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