“Where Yo Hair At?” 😮

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Well That Didn’t Go As Planned 🙄😂

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Anaheim, CA: A Semi-Truck Lost Control After Hitting Another Vehicle On The Highway 😮

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Dude Pulls Off An Incredible Acrobatic Performance With The Assistance Of This Elephant 😮

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Adrien Broner’s Dramatic Post Interview After His Unanimous Loss To Manny Pacquaio 🙄

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Damn Homey Trippin Off That Molly 😮

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Heart Warming: This Dad Let’s His Blind & Autistic Son Shift The Gears Of His STI 😎

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Drake Offers Some Words Of Motivation For Working Out In 2019

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A Civic With A Lot Of Modifications Beats A Stock GTR In A Race

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These Vegans Are Still Out There Protesting By The Slaughterhouse

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Mood For 2019 Be Like… 😂

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A Big Brawl Broke Out At The Mondawin Mall In Baltimore

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“Hey Bartender, I Had A “Ruff” Day, Get Me A Whiskey On The Rocks”

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Cleveland, OH: A Scrap Between Two Females Breaks Out At The RTA Station 😮

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A Platform Dropping Water Slide. Would You Do This? 😮

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Would You Ever Try A Burger Dipped In A Cheese Sauce? 🤔

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This Cat Wildin! Real Life “Puss In Boots“ Right Here 😂

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“This Is A Citizen’s Arrest, Hands Behind Your Back” 😂

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Dramatic Footage Shows The Before And After Scenes From The Gas Pipe Explosion In Hidalgo, Mexico That Has Killed Over 60 People & Causing Serious Burn Injuries To Others

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Dude’s Girl Wasn’t Down With It At All When He Said He Was Trying To Make A Sex Tape 😂

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The Drunkest Ring Girl Of All Time 😂

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Meanwhile In Russia… 🙄

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Shawty Squats A Dude On Her Shoulders & Then Tosses Him Off Like A Barbell 😂

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Some Parents Arguing In A Shoe Store Are Met Outside By Some Church People That Attempt To Negotiate Peace

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Dominican Republic: A Gun Fight Erupts Inside A Bar

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Lucky Them: These Construction Workers Find An Abondoned Safe Filled With Treasure 😮

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Nasty AF: These Guys Drink Beer Off A Dead Fish

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Alcoholic Much? 😮

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“Gangstalicious” Wildin On The L Train In NY 😮

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Soulja Boy Drops All The Merchandise And Exits The Store After He Was Told He Owes $1200 🙄

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Damn, He Left His Dawg Hangin 😂

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Ever See Rats Act Like A Snake? 😮

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England: A Terrible Crash Followed By A Casual British Reaction 😮😂

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A Mustang And A Benz Burn Some Rubber On The Streets

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Dude Has A Landing Strip On Top Of His Head 😂

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Washington D.C., Some Strippers Head Outside In The Snow To Clean Off A Car & Dance Nearly Naked 👀

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Rapper, Da Baby, Punches A Fan At A Concert In Charlotte

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Chicago, IL: A Women Is Very Heated At This Dock’s Fish Restaurant 😮

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Canton, GA: An Uber Driver Was Threatened By A Dentist

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Taylor, MI: Video Shows The Aftermath Of Fiery Accident Caused By A Drunk Driver 😮

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St. Louis, Missouri: A Driver Recorded Some Females Twerking On Top Of A Moving Vehicle While Another Woman Stuck Out The SUV Window To Record Them 😮🙄

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Soulja Boy Has Some Words For Kanye West

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