A National Wrestling Champ Is Taking On People For $1000 On Spring Break To Try And Take Him Down

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Two Students Brawl In The Hallway

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This Latina Shakes Her Big Booty To The Delight Of Restaurant Patrons

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One Day Dude Will Prank The Wrong One

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Dude Gets Punched In The Face For Disrespecting A Woman On A Train

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A lot Of Craziness Goes Down In Florida

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West Memphis Police Department Released Footage Of The Shooting Deaths Of Both Driver And Passenger

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“This Is My Parking Spot B*tch”

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Aftermath Of An Avalanche That Busted Thru Their Ski Resort Window

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Dramatic Footage Shows A Cooper Hawk That Tries To Kill A BlueJay

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Check Out Who This Lady Is Going At It With

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Heated: These People Exchange A War Of Words At A Gas Station In Detroit

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Milwuakee: A Nurse Practioner Brings A Man Back To Life

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They Are Actin A Fool Up In Church

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A Dog Attacks A Horse

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The Way Some People Act Up In The Gym

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Houston: Dude High Off Drugs Goes Ballistic

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Man Sentenced To 22yrs In Prison Gets Another 6yrs Added On For Calling The Judge A Racist

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Dude Collapses While Lifting Some Type Of Torpedo Looking Object

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Why He Smacking Jayden Like That?

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Dude Tries To Finesse A Restaurant Manager

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When You Use To Work For Soul Plane Airlines

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She Must Of Gotten Possessed By The Semen Demon

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New Jersey: A Man Tries Taking An ATM Machine Aboard A Bus

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What Seemed Like A Routine Traffic Accident Report Quickly Turned Into A Scene Of Chaos

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A Woman Spills An Entire Container Of Ranch Sauce All Over Herself

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That’s The Last Time She Let’s Her Husband Book A Trip

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Wait For It…

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Just An Ordinary Day In Rochester NY

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Weird AF: She Is Eating Toilet Paper And Sniffing Soap

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Prisoner Charged With Murder For Killing His Gay Cellmate

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When You Learn How To Bartend On YouTube

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Do You Think That This Is Her Real Skin Color?

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Only In Chicago Will You See Some Sh*t Like This

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Living In Fear: Neighbors In This Northeast D.C. Community Say They Are Worried About Getting Shot Inside Their Own Homes Because Of These Shootouts That Occur On A Regular Basis

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Dude Gets Caught With His Pants Down Talking To Another Girl On The Phone

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She Beat The Brakes Off His Ass

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Crazy Road Rage Caught On Cam

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“Ladies And Gentlemen, May I Have Your Attention Please”

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This Girl Snorts Some Hot Sauce

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Man Overboard In Punta Cana

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