Siri Out Here Snitching

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Not A Cell Phone In Site: A Flashback Look At Spring Break In The ‘80s

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Dude Stunting On A Go Cart

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“Why You Disrespect Me On Instagram?”

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A Semi-Truck Slams Into A Wisconsin Police Officer’s Vehicle After Running A Red Light

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This Commentary Is On Point

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How Dances Have Changed Over Time…

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Check Out Spider-Man In Action In Brazil

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When She Says Come Over I Cooked

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Homie Checks His Girl For Dancing Up On Another Dude

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Some Farmers Armed With Machetes Force The Armed Military To Back Away

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Let’s Move Along Folks…Just A Drunk Girl Trying To Pet A Possum

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When She Is Flirting With The Personal Trainer

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Would You Try This?

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Just Another Day On The NYC “L” Train

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Rating Women Of Walmart

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Homey Got The Soul Slapped Out Of Him

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How Rappers Be Snitching On Themselves

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Damn! Wait For It…

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B*tch Looking Out Here Like The Walking Dead

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When You Catch That Person That Owes You Money

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Lady Flips Out After A Snowball Hit Her Car

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Dude Sees Bestfriend’s Fiancée With Another Man At A Soccer Game

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Young Buck Wants To Know If He Is Still Part Of G-Unit

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Don’t Take Her On An Arcade Date Unless You Want To Leave Home Crying

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Genious! This Guy Converts A Bicycle Into A Power Bike By Using A Drill

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