Yep, She’s A Spitter!

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Feels Like One Of Those Days

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A Drunk New York Woman Falsely Accuses A Black Man Of Stalking And Harassing Her

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Dog Tries Desperately To Wake Up His Friend

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Two Females Throw Hands Inside An Apartment In Chicago

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Video Shows Aftermath Of That UPS Truck Involved In That Shootout Down In Florida

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Bruh WTF? Wait For It…

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Reporters Are Clueless At Dude’s Name On TV

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Rich Girl Vs Poor Girl Social Experiment

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Twerking In Light Of The Holiday Spirit

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Meet This Subway Creature From The Future

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Priceless Art Right Here

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Homie Stepped Up To The Wrong One

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‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly

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Mom And Pops Heated When They Found Their Son’s Bag Of Weed In Their Crib

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Even The Dog Wants In On The Action

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A Mom Gets Arrested For Not Allowing Her Son Back In The House

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No Worries Whatsoever

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Dude Did Everything In His Power To Not Get His Car Repoed

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Bears And Cowboys Fans Brawled After The Game Concluded

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IG Model, Bambi, Shows Off Her Enormous Camel Toe And Butt

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That “Cash Me Outside” Hoodrat Pulled Up At One Of Her Opp’s Cribs Running Her Mouth

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Old Man Gets Attacked By Some Female Employees For Allegedly Stealing Beer From This Gas Station Out In Memphis

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Hold Up…What?

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Some Young Catz Beat Up An Old Head For Disrespecting Their Mom

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Road Rage Argument Between Two Ladies Out In Texas

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Yeah…You Know She A Freak

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Very Impressive!

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This Poor McDonald’s Employee Is Operating The Entire Restaurant On His Own

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Some Junkies Try To Get Mentored Into Quitting Their Addiction

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Dude Makes His Own Birthday Cake Out Of Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches

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This Beauty Has A Lot Of Jiggle Going On

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They Are Shaking Their Imagination

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Watch Till The End

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Dude In Pink Tries To Spoil A Street Cart Vendor’s Hustle

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Disturbing Video Captures The Moment An Innocent UPS Driver Was Gunned Down By Police During An Armed Hostage Situation In Broward County Florida

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Legend Has It That He Is Still Waiting For Service

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Cat Attacks A Girl That’s Trying To Bathe It

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Woman Has Some Words For Some Employees Speaking In Their Native Language

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Lol…Here We Go Again!

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If You Are From California Do Think Tensions Have Calmed?

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This Robber Met His Ultimate Fate At A Gas Station In Kenya

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