Scuffle Between Some Dudes In Queens NY

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Harden And Westbrook Must Be High AF

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It’s A 2 Vs 1 At This Waffle House

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Absolute Mayhem At This WhatABurger In Texas

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When Your Neighbor Is Crazy AF!

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More Vids Surface Of The Wonderful Yankees Fan Base

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Is She Doing It Right?

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Poor Brittany Doesn’t Seem Too Excited With Chad’s Advances

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Dude Got The Soul Knocked Out Of Him At A Subway Restaurant

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One Snort Of That Powder Got This Chick Going Like…

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Man Fed Up With Protestors In San Francisco Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

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“I Hate This Time Of Year” – Dog

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Her Reaction Tho…

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Woman That’s Getting Arrested Tries To Grind On The Cop

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Greektown Casino Brawl In Downtown Detroit

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Tree Internally Combusting After A Lightning Bolt Struck It

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Dude Held His Own After Large Group Of Prisoners Started Attacking Him

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The Bengals And Dolphins Season Summed Up…

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Big Boy Took Repeated Blows To The Face With No Retaliation

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Two Obese Men Throw Hands

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Bills Fans Are A Special Kind…

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Post Malone Casually Throwing Money Around Inside A Nightclub

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A Twerking Clown? Wait For It..

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Little Man Auditioning For The WWE

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Woman Pretends To Be A Cop And Kicks Out A Group Of Teenage Girls From The Playground

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Brawl At An Indian Wedding

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Video Shows The Moment A Oregon High School Gym Teacher Disarm And Hug A Shotgun-Wielding Student

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Dude Pretends He’s Drowning So That His Dog Can Rescue Him

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When He Warns You That It’s Been Awhile

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People On A Subway Platform Rescue A Woman That Got Pushed Onto The Train Tracks By A Man That Fainted

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Woman Hits A Man On A Motorized Shopping Cart Right In Front Of Police

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First We Had The Infamous Pizza Rat And Now We Have A Smoking Cockroach In The Streets Of NY

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Saturday Nights Are For Salsa

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Natural Selection?

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Poor Becca Can’t Get Her Dude’s Attention

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Welcome To The Yankees Stadium!

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Man Belittles A Waiter At A Cuban Cafe

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Tension At The JFK Airport Parking Lot

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911 Dispatcher Scolds A Drowning Woman

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This Is Amazing!

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Scuffle At A Barber Shop In The Southside Of Chicago

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Heated: Woman Argues With A Cop Inside The DMV In Memphis Which Ultimately Leads To Her Arrest

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