These Dudes Put On A Dance Show Inside A McDonald’s

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Little Rock, AR: Cop Fatally Shoots A Male Suspect While On The Hood Of The Suspects Car

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A Couple Work Together To Steal A Laptop From A Store

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A Shaolin Monk Demonstrates Some Unbelievable Skills

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Daredevils That Lost Their Lives Performing Insane Stunts

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Dude Knocks Down Two People In Downtown Austin And Takes Off Running

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A 19yr Old Blood Gang Member Was Responsible For The Shooting At An IHOP In Long Island

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Sh*t Got Real At This St. Louis McDonald’s

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A Female Knocks Down A Dude With A Punch To The Head

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Check Out What This NIssan “Moron-o” Driver Does On The Highway

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Detroit, MI: A Fight Breaks Out At The Local Corner Store

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Some Dudes Trying To Carjack Got Sent Running For Their Lives

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All Out Mayhem At The Queens Center Mall

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A Bugatti Chiron Was Vandalized By A Disgruntled Ex

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If That’s What The Dead Person Wanted, Then Let Them Turn Up

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Tax Refunds Got People Quitting Their Jobs

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Checking In To Spring Break Like…

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Ever See This Type Of Combative Sport Before? MMA + Arm Wrestling = X Arm

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When You Get Real High On Your Lunch Break And Come Back To Work

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Teachers Don’t Get Paid Enough To Deal With These Whining , Spoiled Students

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Money Smacked To The Face

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Anyone Else Get Nervous Watching This?

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Emotional Rescue Attempt Of A Dog In Distress

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Buddy Here Has Instant Regrets Throwing That Object

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You Ever See A Goblin Getting It’s Juke On?

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Damn! Dude Gets Slumped At School

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The Correct Way To Eat Cereal According To Kendrick Lamar

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Wait For It…

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Conor McGregor Had A Float Dedicated To Him In Malta

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San Diego Police Need Help Identifying A Suspect Seen On Surviellance Punching A Woman

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An Older Woman Loses Control Of Her Vehicle And Causes Havoc

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Damn! That Bird Had Some Final Destination Type Sh*t

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These Girls Are Turned Up For Spring Break

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Houston: Video Shows A Semi-Truck Hitting The Bottom Of A Bin Ejecting The Worker That Was In It. Fortunately, He Was Saved By His Safety Harness!

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This Girl Delights Us With Her Yoga Routine

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Cape Coral, FL: Passenger Tries To Get Rid Of Drugs Right In Front Of The Cop Car Dash-Cam

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Never Fight A Dude That Pops Out Of A Car Window Wearing A Cape

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There Reactions On This Slingshot Ride Is Priceless

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These Clowns Are Fortunate They Don’t Run Into The Wrong Ones Packing Some Heat

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Would You Have Flagged The Car Down And Told Them?

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Give Her The Gold Medal Now!

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Damn! None Of The Dudes Standing Around Wanted To Give Shawty A Helping Hand

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