A Woman Knocks Out A Bouncer With A Kick To The Head

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No Ja Rule, They Are Not Ready!

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Parents Look Like The Background Of A Street Fighter Game With One Endless Loop

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Ric Flair Couldn’t Hold Back Tears When He Seen Who All Came To Celebrate His 70th Bday

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You Brought This Upon Yourself Bud

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One Inch Lower And She Is Under Concussion Protocol

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Wildin At This Florida McDonald’s: She Took That Beating Like A Man

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Heart Thumping: Where Are The Kids Parents?

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When The Head Is So Good You Become Her Beautician

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And To Think She Is Somebody’s Daughter…

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There Is Always That One Parent…

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He Forgot It Was Cold Outside

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Man Buys His Wife A Used Car After She Wrecks The First Two Cars & This Was Her Reaction…

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“Noooo Don’t Run Mike”

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What In The Name Of “Lesbian Dance Theory Major” Is This?

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Damn, I Wonder What Homie Did

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A Woman In Louisiana Fought Off A Potential Kidnapper

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All Charged Up For The Weekend Like…

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This Fan Didn’t Even Mention Eminem’s Name And Got This Kind Of Treatment By MGK

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Dude Is Literally Trying To Sexually Assault A Naked Woman That’s Fighting On The Ground With Her Opp

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A Woman Holds It Down Against 3 Different Oponents

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Dude Relied Upon His Dog To Help Fight His Opp

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Just Another Day In Philly

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Calhoun County Sheriff To The Rescue

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Perhaps One Of The Most Intense Videos Of A Dog Attack! A Mailman Is Viciously Attacked By A Dog In Detroit

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How On Earth Does He Not Have Any Dislocation Of Bones?

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What In The F*ckery Is Going On Here?

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Craziness Down In Miami

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Poor Harry Is Now Trapped In The “Upside Down”

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This Student Is So Far $226k In Debt For A Speech Pathology Major

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A Wild Girl Fight Breaks Out Inside Doc’s Bar In Rialto, CA

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A Little Pre-Teaser To More Wild Spring Break Videos To Come…

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Parents Get Into A Brawl At A Youth Wrestling Match In Greenbay

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Police Calls For Arrest Of 50 Cent

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Real Or Fake? A Kung Fu Master Cuts Chopsticks In Half With A Leaf

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“I’m That Guy Man”: Two Bums Scrap On The Sidewalks

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Madness! What Are They Doing To This Pizza?

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Meet The Most Frustrated Russian In The World

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A Napa County Officer Narrowly Escapes Eminent Death

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Did He At Least Get The Highscore For The Day?

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What The Heck Is She Doing?

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Incredible Footage Shows A Moutain Goat Being The Agressor Against A Mountain Lion

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