A Store Owner Of A Mini Mart In New Jersey Beats Up A Customer

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What Do You Rate Her Landing?

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A One On One Girl Fight Ends Up With One Getting Knocked Out

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Sh*t Pops Off At This Family Dollar Store In Virginia

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This Bih Out Here Wildin’

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She Knocked Herself The F*ck Out!

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Man Gets Confronted For Wearing A Stolen Valor On Memorial Day

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Poppin Bottles With A Knife Be Like…

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WTF Is Going On Down Here In NY?

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Poor Stick Man Will Never Reach First Base

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What In The Ratchedness Is Going On Here?

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Twerk Off B*tch, Wait For It…

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So Many Questions To Be Asked Of Both Girls In This Vid

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This Is One Savage Ass Cat

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Woman Handles Her Opp With Ease

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A Woman Holding Her Baby Gets Shot In The Leg During A Drive-by Shooting In Chicago

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Pouring Holy Water All Over That Big Twerking Azz

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Damn! They Straight Clowned That Cop Down In Atlanta

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Buddy Here Throwing Up Ninja Signs

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A Customer And An Employee At The Family Dollar Store Get Very Heated

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A Las Vegas Phone Thief Gets Confronted And Dealt With

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A Cruise Ship In Venice Italy Crashes Into A River Tour Boat

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Sharing Is Caring With This Thot

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A One On One Fight Quickly Erupts Into A Group Brawl

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This Is Messed Up On So Many Levels

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Somewhere In The Bronx…

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Drunk Man Takes A Piss In Front Of Everyone At The Airport

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That Branch Stronger Than Most Relationships

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Two Indigenous Men From Australia Box It Out In The Middle Of The Street

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Woman Shows Off Her Incredible Hoola Hoop Talent

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History In The Making As Andy Ruiz Jr. Becomes The First Mexican Heavyweight Champion After Defeating Anthony Joshua In 7 Rounds!

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LAPD Doing A Phenomenal Job Out Their!

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Two Dudes Scrap On Canal St In New Orleans With One Dude Getting Viciously Knocked Out

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This Dude’s Life Is On Pause Right Now

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These Caucasian Dudes Represtin Crips In Beaumont California

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The Girl In Red Should’ve YouTubed How To Fight Before Starting One

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They Brawlin’ In The Streets Of Philly

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Damn! Is The Horse Ok Tho?

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Is She Speaking Facts Or Nah?

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This IG Thot Got A Lot Of Jiggle

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Old Head Teaches A Younger Dude A Lesson!

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Two Females Scrap Right In Front Of The W.I.C. Building In South Carolina

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