“Where The Ambalamb” 😂💀

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Washington D.C.: Bandits Burglarize A Health Mart Pharmacy Store For Some Bottles Of Codeine

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Friday Mood Be Like… 🤣

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What Kind Of Workout Routine Is This? 🙄

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This Is One Way To Get Your Employees To Work, You Shoot Them With Rubber Bullets 🤭

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Dude High Off Heroin Is Awakened By A Passerby & Then This Happens… 😮

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Avengers: Endgame Trailer #1 (2019)

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Dude Makes Himself The Guest Appearance Of The Show. Wait For The Ending Tho… 😂

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Straight Wildin: Things Get Real Heated At This Checker’s Drive Thru In New Jersey 😮

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Fight Breaks Out In A Classroom

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Split Second Action Prevents A Sucidal Man From Jumping Over A Bridge 😮

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My Attendance Would Be Perfect 😎

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This Dude Lost All His Chances Once She Spotted A Dog 😂

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Texas: Officers Gun Down A Suspect Wanted For Theft Of A Case Of Beer From A Restaurant

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Girl Loses Her Cool On A Sling Shot Ride 🤣

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Chick Demonstrates What That Mouth Do 😎

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How Did Dude Not Feel The Sauce On Top Of His Head? 🙄

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Too Thot Thursday’s Vol. 1

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Somebody Make This Man A Bacon, Egg & Cheese 😮😂

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Man Captured On Cam Walking His Girl On A Leash 😮

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Los Angeles: Brazen Attack Caught On Cam When A Crazed Man Pushes An Elderly Man Into On-Coming Traffic

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Girl Refusing To Fight Back Gets Slumped Inside A Car 😮

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Spilling Drink On A Laptop Prank 😂

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Child Messing Up Her Father’s Hustle 🤣💀

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In Class School Fight Leads To A Girl Having A Seizure 😮

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A Dad Tosses His Son Into 20 Inches Of Snow Whom Quickly Disappeared 😮

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Germany: A Pickpocketers Attempt To Run Off With A Stolen Item Is Quickly Thwarted By Attentive Citizens

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Poor Girl, Now She Won’t Be Able To Take Her Gym Selfie 🤭

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When You Spend All That Money On A Fancy Car But Have No Money For Gas 😂💀

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It’s All About The “Wave Check” 😎

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An Ex Track Star Attempts To Jump Over Three Trash Cans But It Doesn’t Go As Planned😮🤣

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Check Out This Guy’s Ducking & Dodging Skills

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Some Dudes Waiting In Line At A Social Event End Up Scrappin

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Major Drugs & Guns Bust In Westmoorings, Trinidad

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Aftermath Of A Girl Getting Spanked 😮

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Nice With It: Dude Raps About His Entire Gun Collection 😎

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A Fight Between Students Breaks Out Inside A Classroom 😮

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MVP Of The Team…Wait For It 🤣😂

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When You Are Trying To Stay On Course For The Rest Of The Year 😂

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Who’s Mom Is This? 🤣💯

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Officer Howard Keeping It Real 💯

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Dude Gets Stuck On The Gate But Wait To See What Happens At The End 😂💀

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