Those Shorts Caused That Accident

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Dude Gets A Vicious Beating

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You Are Witnessing A Blondie Cult!

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Ever See Lightening Like This Before?

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It’s A Cocaine Fiesta Going Down With This Group Of Latinas

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Two Dudes Scrap In The Streets Of Brooklyn

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Hold Up: A Woman Being Detained Is Seen Trying To Grind On A Toledo Police Officer

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Enemy Missile Incoming…

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A Fake Kwahi Leonard Is Signing Autographs For Clueless Fans

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Girl Is Recorded Twerking And Cooling Off Her Vagina On A Motel’s AC

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What In The Hood-dini Type Of GTA Sh*t Is Going Down In Arlington Texas

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This Will Have You Laughing! Goofy Ass Cop Tases His Own Partner

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Blowjobs VS. Sex Debate: Which Is More Intimate?

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Some Gang Bangers Throw Hands In Lancaster California

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Weird AF: Dude Out Here Eating A Jug Of Mayo

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She Was Lucky That Chair Was There

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One Of The Craziest Dog Park Arguments You Will See

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Who Do You Think Did The Dance Routine Better?

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I Wonder What She Will Let Him Touch Next For $5?

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So Many Questions To Be Asked Here?

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Happy Father’s Day!

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They Wildin’ Wait Till The End

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A Major Brawl Erupted At The Day Of Portugal Festival In New Bedford Massachusetts

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Lady, That’s Not A Golden Retriever!

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They Wildin’ At This Gas Station Down In Texas

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Dude Loses His Cool After Getting Involved In An Accident

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This Girl Puts On A Twerk Clinic In Front Of Many Spectators

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Buddy Here Gets Crushed By A Tour Bus After Arguing And Spitting On The Bus Driver

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Woman Shows Off Her Natural Curves in These Ultra Thin Leggings

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Relationship Goals!

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An NYPD Officer Is Recorded Acting In A Way Overly Aggressive Demeanor

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A Fight Popped Off At A Ross Store Down In New Orleans

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A Woman Driver High Off Crack Rams Her Vehicle Into Some Parked Police Suv At A Gas Station Down In Phoenix

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What On Earth Are These Girls Doing?

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Subway Surfing In Chicago

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A Little Pregame Warmup Disaster

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Dude Knocks Out A Bouncer And A Bar Patron Outside The Piranha Bar And Grill In Nashville

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Yo, WTF Is Going On Here?

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Gender Reveal Party, Redneck Style!

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Just Another Day In Atlanta

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Is That Azz Real?

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Nice With It, Dude Frees Himself From The Depths Of A Mud Pit

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