This Newly Turned 21yr Old Girl Is Blacked Out At The Restaurant

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It Ain’t That Serious, Wait For It…

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“Empire” Actor Jussie Smollett Plead Not Guilty To Charges Of Lying To Police About Being A Victim Of A Racist Homophobic Attack Last Month In Chicago

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Meet The Family Who Lives With A Pack Of Seven Tigers

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“You Got Me Thirsty”

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A Brawl Between Females Breaks Out At A School

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Dude Claims To Be The Biological Father Of These Twins

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Hookahs Ain’t For Everyone

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Buddy Here Is Relying On His Faith To Take Over The Wheel

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Homey Acting A Fool In This Grocery Store

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To My Spanish Speaking Friends: What Did He Say To Her To Receive That Treatment?

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This Dude Got A Haircut With Drake’s Face As A Design

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It’s A Cruel World We Live In: A Man Gets Shot And Robbed In Front Of A Lot Of Other People In Johannesburg

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Son Surprises His Mother After Being Released From Jail Serving 21 Years

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Dude Discovers A Hidden Room In His Home

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It Seemed Like They Were About Throw Hands At First But Then This Happens…

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Cincinnati, OH: Security Guards Try To Apprehend Some Theives Stealing A Bunch Of Video Games

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Wait For It…

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This Girl Demonstrates Her Deep Throating Capabilities

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A California Teacher Refuses To Answer Border Patrol Questions

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Was She Trying To Audition For The WWE?

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Disrespectful Ass Kids

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Foul: Check Out What Dude Did To The Drive Thru Attendant

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This Person Shows Us The Incredible Length Of Her Tongue

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This Girl Should Run The Front Office Of The NY Giants

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What Would You Do If You Saw This Walk Past You?

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Buddy Here Is All Hyped Up To Get That Dance

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This Kid Has Some Serious Soccer Conditioning Skills

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This Goat Looks Like A Hybrid Of Human And Goblin

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Dude Tries His Luck Out With A Cash Grabbing Machine

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A Bull Has A Halo For Horns

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Davenport, Iowa: A Brawl Broke Out Between Some Heated Waitresses At This Steak N’ Shake Parking Lot

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Dude Falsifies To Police Dispatching That He Got Hit By A Car

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Marge Simpson In The Hood

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A Suspect Is Seen Knocking Out A Woman And Taking Off With All Her Belongings

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Dude That’s Blocked In Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

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What In The Name Of Deformity Is This?

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“Hacksaw Jen Duggan” Wildin In These Streets

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Shawty In The White Got Cracked!

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Stoners Can Be Engineers When It Comes To Finding Ways To Get High

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1 Guy Vs 7 Gang Members

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World’s Fastest 2 Beer Chug

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