*SNL Skit* Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Matt Damon) takes questions from Senator Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch) and more during his nomination hearing.

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A Brave Rescue Attempt Of A Suicidal Woman

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Would-Be Burglar Captured On Car Cam

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Fight Breaks Out At A Bar

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Close Up View Of A Massive Great White Shark

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If You Think Commuting In Your City Is Bad, Check This Out ?

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Quick Thinking: Woman’s Bold Attempt Sets Her Finally Free

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There Facial Expressions Tho… ??

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Hold up: A Dancing Tractor? ?

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Attack Of The Killer Fan ?

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What Is This Cop Doing? ?

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I’ve Seen It All ? ?

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Slapped The Soul Out Of Him ?

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This Guy Is Dancing With Death ?

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Can Someone Explain This? ?

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He Couldn’t Wait For His Turn

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iPhone Drop Test: Would You Drop Test Your Phone After Watching This?

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Rather Impressive!

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Watch As A Tsunami Strikes In Indonesia

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Car Falls From Parking Garage Roof

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Rest In Pieces: Challenger Gets Obliterated In Crash

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Sick With It: Dude Has Some Nice Moves

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“Oh My God” Now This Is What You Call Extreme Road Rage!

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Drag Car Goes Airborne ?

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Hope For His Sake That The Pay Is Worth The Risk ?

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Lake Mead, NV: Would You Dive In There? ?

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Vicious Knockout!

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Watch Till The Very End ?

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Van Nuys, CA: Home Owner Is Burglarized & Pepper Sprayed

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Semi Gets Pulverized By Train ?

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Nice With It: Future MMA Fighter In The Making

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The Punch Heard From Around The World!

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Who Did The Technique Better, 1 or 2? ?

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Do You Feel Sorry For The Motorcyclist?

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His Reaction At The End Tho ?

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Student Fights With Teacher

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Mexican Sledgehammer Festival

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Child Miraculously Survives After Getting Run Over By Car In Mumbai ?

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Man & Chimp Have Strong Bond

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This Boy Has The Right Idea! ?

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Man Modify’s His Face To Resemble A Skull ?

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